The choice of the correct flashlight depends on the use you will be giving it. It is one of the most important decisions when doing outdoor activities such as camping, hunting, cycling, etc. Below you will find tips to help you make the right decision:

1. Camping

There are certain choices that are extremely important when you go camping, like the appropriate tent, how to organize your backpack (with only the essentials), the company and, of course, the flashlight.

For this purpose, a flashlight with a wide beam  that illuminates a broad area is useful, or one with an adjustable zoom and focus that can center in a specific point or in a bigger area. Also, it is convenient to choose flashlights that have batteries that last as long as possible. A flashlight that can be on all night with one battery would be ideal, and it is recommended to take with you another fully charged battery just in case.

2. Hunting

A flashlight for hunting requires a very powerful and focalized beam in order to spot the prey from afar. As it will not be used for large periods of time, it is unnecessary for it to have long lasting batteries. However, the quality of the flashlight is really important, since it must endure the recoil of the gun. Different settings are not required because it will only be used in high power mode. Sometimes accessories such a remote control come in handy, so the prey wonít hear the noise of the flashlight being turned on.


3. Night cycling

Cycling at night requires a very powerful flashlight with a wide beam to illuminate the road, so zoom isnít necessary. Besides, a flashlight with batteries that last longer than four hours is convenient. It needs to be easy to carry and handle and the bike needs to have a proper space for it.

4. Personal use

Flashlights are not only used for outdoor activities, it is also very convenient to keep one at home in the event of a black out or other situations that could require extra light. To this end, an emergency light or a lantern would do. It would be best to choose a simple but rechargeable style, since they are more comfortable and you wonít have to spend on batteries.

Also, it is advisable to have a flashlight that you can always carry with you, like a key chain flashlight, which is light and easy to transport.